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Larry Peterson @ (507) 281--5538
Becky/Heath Loy @ (612) 267-6693

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Mount Hope Cemetery
2213 Valkyrie Drive NW
Rochester, MN

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Corner of 70th Avenue and
Valleyhigh Drive NW
Byron, MN


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Hello and Welcome to our web page..

We are a small country cemetery located in Olmsted County. We are one of the oldest cemetery’s in South East Minnesota with burials that date before the Civil War. We currently still have lots available , if interested , contact one of the people listed in the “Contact Info” area to the left of this. The Board members are listed on the “Information” page.

— NOTE — Mount Hope Cemetery is a Non Profit organization. All donations are fully Tax Deductible. Please consider taking advantage of this.

Please feel free to contact us , if you have any questions..

— Statistics — Buried : 173 Sites Sold : 172 Sites Available : 150 — updated 8/1/2018 —